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Sodium Metal Chloride Battery, 125V/80AH

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Sodium Metal Chloride batteries are the latest generation of the secondary batteries developed specifically to the constraints of the heavy industrial applications. They use metal-based cathode and molten Sodium anode to provide exceptionally safe and reliable power backup that is enclosed in the industrial-grade steel case and equipped
with integrated Battery Monitoring. Stable chemical reaction, zero maintenance and insensitivity to temperature and storage aging makes them one of the best choices for Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Communications, Rail and other industrial use.

> Zero self-discharge when stored, at any state of charge
> Zero ageing in floating or storage condition
> Integrated system (BMS) for monitoring, diagnostics and
data logging
> Module level redundancy

> Up to 80% reduction in footprint and 3 times in weight
than conventional batteries
> Status LED on front panel
> Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
> Scalable modules in parallel
> Expandable without limitation on battery age
> Parallel operation with other batteries
> Hot swappable
> Boost charging not required
> No memory effect
> Compatible with most industrial AC and DC UPS

> No active cooling required.
Constant performance and 20 years design life at:
-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F continuous operation
-40°C to +75°C / -40°F to +167°F peak
> Suitable for outdoor installation and marine environment
> Module ingress protection of IP55 and up to IP65
> Free of toxic material and 100% recyclable

> No gassing or emission
> No risk of explosion even in presence of external fire
> Safest among existing high energy density batteries in all
conditions: transport, storage and operation
> Embedded DC protection for load disconnection and
short circuit protection
> Ready for remote monitoring
> Double stainless steel case


Dimensions: 19.7" front x 22.0" depth x 12.7" height

Weight: 229 lbs.

Nominal voltage: 125 VDC

Charge voltage range: 135-160 VDC

Nominal capacity at 4 hr rate: 80 AH/9600 Wh to 105 VDC

Max continuous discharge current: 120 Amps

Max charging current: 16 Amps

Interface: RS485/Canbus/USB

Data Sheet

Click here to learn more about our safety guidelines, regulations, resources and more.

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