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Not every battery fits into a TV remote control. Electric forklift batteries are massive, and can present some minor handling issues.

Picture how large and heavy an industrial forklift battery must be, and then imagine trying to use brute physical force to change it— none of us are interested in risking injury to ourselves or our employees, and that’s where our battery transfer carts come into play.

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Also commonly called transfer carriages, transfer carts allow these batteries to be removed and installed quickly and safely. Our models come ready to use with a pallet jack or can move independently on their own low-resistance wheels. The roller decks on each battery transfer cart make removing and installing batteries a breeze.

The cart is vertically adjustable so it will match up with any battery compartment location, and battery extractor arms are simply controlled via a hand wheel or hydraulics. Battery change-outs with a transfer cart present less risk of injury and help us protect our equipment, which in turn drives productivity.

Each of our models is constructed with heavy-duty frames and poly-coated rollers that stand up to rigorous materials-handling environments. Our battery transfer carriage comes with standard phenolic wheels that make moving the cart quick and easy. All of our models give you the mobility and flexibility needed to change batteries wherever you may need to.

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