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Battery rooms can be dangerous, especially if you are unaware of the hazards that come with industrial battery storage. Whether your purpose for entering a battery room is to maintain the equipment, or you are an outside contractor working on the building, you will need to follow all of the safety requirements. Batteries contain volatile chemicals and electrical charges, which means that they can cause serious injuries when handled or stored incorrectly.

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There are four main concerns to be aware of when entering a battery storage room: flammable gases, electric shock, battery acid and the weight of the batteries. Batteries give off hydrogen gas, which is extremely flammable. It’s important to ensure there’s proper ventilation in the battery room at all times, and the no-smoking rule is complied with. It just takes one spark to start a fire, so being aware of the battery room’s environment is a number one priority.

Another major concern is battery acid. This corrosive chemical can cause severe injury when spilled on the skin, and can even cause blindness. If you’re working directly with industrial batteries, then you should always wear personal protective equipment. Our line of safety equipment is your first line of defense against chemical injury. We have a great variety of chemical safety gear, safety glasses, and disposable gloves that comply with safety regulations.

Our acid spill kit will clean up a hazardous mess in no time. We also have eye and face wash stations and emergency showers in case of a chemical accident. To combat chemical spills further, our battery acid floor protective mat is there to absorb toxic spills. For powerful protection we sell a battery room safety kit that includes personal protective equipment of the highest quality, so you can concentrate better on your job.

Injuries can also be caused by lifting or moving industrial-sized batteries improperly. Batteries can be extremely heavy and moving them without the proper equipment can cause debilitating injuries. Our battery lifting strap holds up to 3500 pounds, so you can complete battery maintenance easily and safely. We can assist you in keeping an injury-free workplace with our complete line of battery room safety products.