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Powered Dock Gate

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Prevent dock accidents with a powered, high-visibility barrier. When the dock is in use, lift the gate in moments with the push of a button. The Powered Dock Gate (PDG) from BHS, Inc. improves safety for forklift operators and pedestrians alike, while also guarding dock edges against impact damage. 

The Powered Dock Gate features two steel uprights supporting a horizontal barrier with a reinforced structural channel. A high-visibility yellow finish instantly alerts staff to the danger of a vacant dock, while the barrier prevents roll-off even if forklift operators miss the visual warning. This barrier is capable of stopping 10,000 pounds of force at 4 miles per hour, stopping reversing forklifts before accidents occur. 

Raising and lowering the barrier is simple and ergonomically friendly, thanks to an electric motor and a push-button control. (Manually operated models are also available.) This powered barrier control allows staff to quickly open a dock for business, or seal it to traffic between uses, all without physical exertion beyond a button press.  

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents roll-off at docks 
  • Protects dock edges from lift truck strikes
  • High-visibility yellow finish alerts viewers to open-dock hazards
  • Reinforced steel barrier is capable of stopping impacts of 10,000 lb at 4 mph
  • Uprights bolt securely to dock floor for simple installation
  • Three-button control simplifies operation
  • Electric motor automates lifting and lowering of safety barrier
  • Powered unit rated for 15 cycles per hour
  • Motor compatible with 115V and 230V circuits
  • Manually operated models available
  • Custom models available on request
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