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Pallet Strapping Kit

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Item Number: 420590

  • Corded polyester strap is stronger and lighter than steel
  • Strap is acid resistant, non-conductive, noncorrosive, and weatherproof
  • Safer than steel, no snap back, no sharp edges, and easier to dispose of
  • Fast and simple – one tool tensions and cuts
  • Cost effective, re-order strap, and buckles as you need them
  • Printed strap serves as a security tape and cannot be cut and repackaged by a transport company
Kit includes (1) Strap Tensioner & Cutting Tool, (200) Strap Buckles,  2000 lbs. Capacity, 700' of Strap Poly, and (1) Portable Dispenser Toolbox.

When it comes to effective supply chain management, adopting efficient improvements to the process impacts cost savings. Whether storing or shipping, properly secured pallets are often an overlooked but necessary part of the supply chain. Pallet strapping, also referred to as banding or bundling, is a process that unitizes inventory. The use of pallet straps gives added assurance that a significant investment ships or stores in one organized piece.

Top Benefits of Pallet Strapping

Key benefits include:

  • Product damage protection
  • Employee safety
  • Space saving

Among the most important benefits is keeping products contained when shipping pallets to destinations or storing them as inventory. Heavy objects not properly secured present a risk of one or more pieces falling and injuring employees. Pallet straps minimize workplace injury risks.

Pallet-strapped materials also take up less floor space than pallets using stretch film or pallet wraps. Two factors to consider are elongation and recovery. Elongation is the ability of the strap to bend and to stretch. Recovery is the ability of the strap to return to its original state after expansion.

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