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LSe – Lead Selenium Flat Plate Vented Lead-Acid Battery

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The Mesa LSe is a range of lead selenium flat plate vented lead-acid batteries featuring 20-year design life plates made of .25” thick, lead selenium alloy. It is ideal for use in switchgear applications characterized by switching DC Loads and high rate demands. Low maintenance, reduced footprint, and safety by design are essential features of the LSe. No other flat plate, lead selenium battery has thicker plates or longer lasting cells. The LSe lead selenium is a deep cycle battery and is available in cell options (LSe) ranging from 100 amp hours to 1800 amp hours and multi-cell blocks (B-LSe) available in 6-100, 6-150, 6-200, 6-250, and 6-300 amp hour configurations.

Applications: Utility switchgear, telecommunications, UPS units, Power plants, Substations, Emergency backup power


  • Flat pasted plate with lead selenium alloy
  • Float voltage: 2.23 to 2.25 VPC
  • Equalize voltage: 2.35 to 2.40 VPC
  • Specific gravity: 1.240 kg/L @ 77°F
  • Styrene Acrylonitrile jar & cover
  • Flame retardant UL V0 94 jar & cover available

Flat, Pasted Plate Design

  • Excellent, high-rate performance
  • Long life with maximum reliability
  • Deep discharge capabilitiy (>1000 cycles)
  • Stable float charge characteristics
  • Space saving footprint
  • Ideal for substation loads

Robust & Compact

  • Lead selenium alloy is corrosion resistant and reduces plate growth
  • Leak proof, tongue-in-groove jar-cover seals
  • Minimizes seal failures and container & cover cracks
  • O-ring compression seals reduce leaks, connection corrosion, and mechanical failures
  • Reduced maintenance & reduced footprint

Clear SAN Jars

  • Impact-resistant, clear Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) jars
  • Provides crystal clear viewing of the cell plates, bridges, and electrolyte
  • Easy inspection of cell condition and electrolyte level

Optimized Connector System

  • Fully insulated connector with test points for ohmic and voltage measurements
  • Reduces terminal connection maintenance
  • External welded connections between individual cells allow for testing individual cell voltages, internal resistance or conductance, and monitoring individual cells during load testing

Standard Accessories for Lead Selenium Flat Plate Batteries

  • Battery inter-cell and inter-row connections
  • Terminal hardware
  • Hydrometer with holder and drip cup
  • Vent mounted thermometer
  • Cell numbers
  • Lifting strap
  • Flame arresting vent caps
  • No-ox or similar grease
  • Installation and operating instructions and drawings
  • Connectors: insulated copper bar
  • Connection Hardware: Stainless Steel
  • Terminal post: M10 threaded copper insert
  • Optional Alcad LSe square post with dual connectors.
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