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Deep Cycle Battery 24-Volt Watering System

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The Pro-Fill Single Point Watering system is specifically designed for use with “golf car” style batteries commonly found in golf cars, sweepers, scrubbers, RV's, pallet jacks, and small solar systems. Based on the same technology as our Millennium valves, our Pro-Fill system is compatible with all of our Millennium water supplies. The Pro-Fill SPW system works by replacing the batteries existing vent caps with patented valves that are interconnected with tubing, allowing the user to fill all cells of the battery from a single remote location. Each valve independently shuts off water flow to the cell when the proper electrolyte level is reached, allowing the batteries to be filled perfectly every time without even having to look at the batteries.

Battery watering is critical to prolonging the battery life of a golf cart. Proper watering prevents premature failure and costly replacement. Not watering over time leads to dried out plates and a high concentration of acid in the electrolyte that remains.

Water batteries after a full or equalized charge. This is when the water level is at its highest and needs to be topped off. When the battery has a partial charge or discharge, watering causes acid levels to come up and boil over when charging. Filling after a charge prevents the overflow that causes overheating or acid-related damage.

Nearly everyone hates the hour or more it takes to water a battery. It's aggravating and messy. If you add too much, it's easy to get battery acid on everything. Battery acid effects on a golf cart or garage floor are extensive and expensive to replace or repair. Save money and time with a Flow-Rite Pro-Fill battery watering system.

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