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Sure Power 1318-200 | 24V Uni-Directional Battery Separator

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The 1318-200 and 1319-200 battery separator modules are reliable and efficient solutions for 24V systems. With a capacity of 200A and a built-in relay, these modules keep a close eye on both the primary and auxiliary battery banks. The connect threshold of 26.8V ensures that the relay connects the two banks only when the charging system is operational, allowing both battery banks to be charged simultaneously. On the other hand, the disconnect voltage of 25.7V ensures that the relay is deactivated shortly after the engine is turned off, preserving the starting battery capacity for engine cranking. The 1319-200 model is bidirectional, allowing either of the battery banks to trigger the relay, while the 1318-200 model only responds to the main battery. These battery separator modules are an ideal choice for those who require a safe and efficient way to manage their battery banks.
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