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Battery Corrosion Preventative



Battery Corrosion Preventatives – Aerosol or Brush-On (price will change accordingly)

Battery Corrosion Preventative- White (part number 510410)

  • Seals out acid and water, formulated specifically for use on batteries - Quick Cable Exclusive
  • Sprays on white, showing area of protection
  • Does not dry out or evaporate
  • Helps seal electrical connections and other wiring applications
  • Net weight 10 oz. (284 grams) per can
  • Cans sold individually
Battery Corrosion Preventative- Red (part number 510400)
  • Seals out acid fumes, road salt, moisture and dirt
  • Sprays on red, showing presence of protective coating
  • Does not dry out or evaporate
  • Improved non-running, no-drip formula – use less per application
  • Net weight 9.75 oz. (276 grams) per can
  • Cans sold individually
Battery Chemicals QuickCote+ w/Acid Neutralizer (part number 6023)
  • Brush-on compound seals out corrosion and neutralizes acid – long-term protection
  • Non-hardening, non-cracking
  • Use on all exposed electrical connectors, also prevents seizing of threaded fasteners
  • Made for industrial and commercial use
  • 8 oz. can has brush applicator
  • Cans sold individually