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Millennium/Pro-Fill Watering Cart

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Flow-Rite Millennium DC Watering cart

The DC powered watering cart is great for users that require a portable water supply or do not have a water line available near their batteries. The new cart automatically shuts down when the battery becomes low on charge and features LED message lights to alert you to the state of the cart’s battery. A 12-volt sealed battery, with its own on-board charger, powers the watering cart’s variable speed pump. The cart is ruggedly constructed of lightweight yet strong polyethylene plastic. It features a large 22 gallon holding capacity and a large refill hole with screw on cover to keep out particles.

  • New variable speed pump with built-in pressure switch (CE Marked).
  • 22 gallons capacity
  • Compatible with de-ionized water
  • The unit has a nine foot supply hose with a quick coupler for easy battery access.
  • Automatically shuts off when filling is complete.
  • 20' power cord
  • Dedicated hose wraps
  • Easy access spray bottle holders
  • Upright design, eliminating a need for a user to bend down

When you need to water a lot of plants and have a large property, a watering cart is a wise choice. We offer a durable DC-powered watering cart that you can rely on for your personal property, commercial property, farm and or other type of space where you grow outdoor plants. When you don't have a long enough garden hose or need to use a specific type of water or plant food, our watering guns are a wise choice.

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Features of a Flow-Rite Millennium DC Battery Watering Cart

Our battery-powered watering carts offer a wide range of features for your gardening and small agricultural needs. The 12-volt battery is durable and offers a quick start. The wheels on the carts feature durable treads for pushing over grass, mulch, pebbles, dirt, bricks and other types of surfaces. They also feature legs for keeping them steady. The wheels can lock into place, keeping the cart in the desired position while you go about your watering project. You can choose up to a 25-gallon tank. They are designed to work along paths, in gardens, around your home's foundation and anywhere else on your property.

Reasons to Use Our Battery Water Supply Cart

When you take pride in how your property looks, you spend a lot of time and money on it. Plants, mulch, fertilizer and other gardening supplies can add up quickly. When caring for your plants is easier, you are more likely to keep them healthy. A cart with a water supply makes it easier for you to get the water to remote parts of your property. It also reduces strain on your body. Pushing a cart and allowing the battery-powered sprayer to distribute the water evenly is less physically taxing than having to bend down with a jug and water each plant individually.

Benefits of the Flow-Rite Millennium DC Watering Cart

Our cart is made to last. You can use it every day during the growing season with complete confidence. The tanks are made of food-grade plastic that resists mold, algae and mildew growth. The powder-coated steel frame resists rust and corrosion. Our unique design makes it easy to move the cart to where you need it, helping you save time. The watering cart also costs less and is easier to maintain than a built-in irrigation system.

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