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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor

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Safely transport materials between levels with a VRC built by BHS to match custom height requirement, weight capacity, and carriage size.

Transport pallet loads, loose materials, and heavy equipment between levels with a hydraulic Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) from BHS, Inc. Every material lift is custom-built to match your facility, including integration with conveyors and other material handling systems. The VRC is essential for multi-floor warehouses, food/beverage facilities, manufacturing plants, automotive factories, and other high-throughput material handling operations.

While VRCs provide similar benefits to freight elevators, they occupy a unique regulatory category and are designed for materials and equipment, not people. That means no inspections and lower costs of ownership. Simple push-button controls and low lift times improve efficiency for quick ROIs with each installation.    

Safety features include a velocity fuse that locks the lift in the unlikely event of hydraulic hose failure; drop locks that engage the instant lift chains cease functioning; and gate sensors that ensure the enclosures are shut before enabling movement between levels. Thoughtful design ensures safe, efficient material handling between multiple levels of any facility.

For more information about VRCs — including material handling integration projects — contact our sales team.

Click here to learn more about our safety guidelines, regulations, resources and more.

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