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Sure Power 60 Amp Power Converter (24 to 12 Volt)

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In a dual-battery (24 volt systems) it is often desirable to have 12 volt power available. Often this 12 volt power is available by tapping the battery stack at the junction of the lower and upper battery. Tapping the battery stack will result in unequal current draw from the lower and upper battery. Unequal current draw from the batteries will result in a state of charge unbalance. The lower battery will be discharged more than the upper battery. Eventually, this will lead to damage and reduced life from the batteries. The Power Converter provides an effective method for ensuring that the two batteries maintain voltage balance by providing all of the 12 volt current. The battery is only called upon to supply transient currents that exceed the output capability of the Converter. The Converter thus, maximizes the life of the batteries in a dual battery system.
Converts provide fixed outputs to power 12 volt loads directly, where a 12 volt battery is not available.
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