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Sportsman Series Battery Charger for Lithium/AGM


$215.00 $228.99

The “Green” Charger

Battery charging system designed for use on land AND in fresh/salt water. The Sportsman Series charger is totally repairable, not a throw-away. It also:

- Approved for Wet Cell and AGM batteries
- Waterproof
- Fully automatic/ multi stage charging
- Independent outputs
- Battery maintenance mode
- On-board diagnostic mode
- 12V-48V battery systems available
- LED lights indicate the state of charge
- Reverse polarity protected
- Meets ISO 8846 Marine standards

AUTOPROFILE detects if batteries are Lithium or AGM and automatically charges the batteries for optimal performance.
(Will also detect and charge wet cell/flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries.)

 AUTOPROFILE Intuitive Charging Technology provides flexibility for your charging system, ready for the ever-changing lithium battery technologies. No matter if you choose Lithium or AGM batteries for your boat, Dual Pro is ready to keep your boat on the water longer, enhancing battery performance and extending battery life.

SS3 is shown in picture*