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Mobile Lift & Tilt Table

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Powered and manual options available- call for more information and pricing!

Work positioners like the Manual Mobile Lift & Tilt Table (MMLTT & MMLTTD) from BHS reduce the risks of muscle sprains, strains, and tears. Many workers in warehouses and manufacturing facilities must sort, unpack, or otherwise handle small parts held in tote boxes; as the contents of the box diminish, staff must bend and reach further and further to continue work.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration points out that repetitive, awkward movements such as these increase the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder — and associated rises in workers' compensation insurance. Manual Mobile Lift & Tilt Tables virtually eliminate the risk by tilting bulk containers toward the worker, bringing components close to their bodies to prevent unsafe motions.

Ergonomists that study manufacturing applications, including automotive, recommend Tilt Tables for assembly and welding, as well. These hydraulic-powered positioners bring heavy components within easy reach so employees do not have to resort to uncomfortable postures.

Features & Benefits

  • Positions work for optimal ergonomics
  • Elevates heavy components such as car parts for welding or assembly
  • Fully portable, self-contained units are ideal for food processing, cold storage, and other forklift-free environments
  • Custom versions available, including stainless steel construction for food processing
  • No electric parts for reduced maintenance and upkeep
  • Heavy-duty Poly "Ez-Roll" casters and an ergonomic push bar for smooth travel
  • Hydraulic lift cylinder controlled by simple foot pedal for precise positioning
  • Steel construction with high load limits
  • Ships standard with a chemical-resistant powder coating
  • Tilts to a full 45 degrees for complete access to loads
  • Caster brakes during use

Powered Mobile Lift & Tilt Tables (PMLTT & PMLTTD) are some of the most flexible work positioners available. Dual scissor lift and allow for a greater vertical range, while the all-steel tilt table achieves up to 45 degrees of pitch. This combination creates a variable-height workstation that allows staff to move contents of bulk containers closer to their bodies, preventing the musculoskeletal injuries associated with sorting parts and packing/unpacking crates.

These fully portable units do not require the use of a lift truck or any other material handling equipment for positioning. An ergonomic push bar and heavy-duty casters allow a single operator to easily move the PMLTT from one location to the next, offering its ergonomic protections anywhere in the facility.

Features & Benefits:

    • Ergonomic work positioning with lift and tilt functionality
    • Prevents musculoskeletal injuries caused by awkward postures
    • Ideal for sorting parts, unpacking crates, or any task that requires bulk boxes
    • Heavy-duty, formed steel construction for added reliability
    • Heavy-duty Poly "Ez-Roll" casters swivel for greater maneuverability
    • Foot protectors and wheel brake
    • Durable powder coat finish with yellow tilt-top to improve visibility and safety
    • Enclosed hydraulic circuit
    • Heavy-duty braided wire hydraulic lines for maximum burst strength and longevity
    • Hardened chrome piston rod and honed cylinder provide added column strength and cylinder sealing
    • Equipped with thermal overload protection and velocity fuses for additional safety
    • Hydraulic components contained within the tilt table for maximum safety, floor space, and convenience
    • Tilts up to 45°
    • NEMA pendant switch included for easily accessible up/down function control
    • Custom heights, load limits, and configurations available
Click here to learn more about our safety guidelines, regulations, resources and more.

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