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Heat Shrink Tube Kit



Heat Shrink Tube and Solderless Kits

  • Dual wall inner surface lined with adhesive sealant which melts when heated: permanently seals connection as tube cools and shrinks
  • SpliceTube shrinks 4:1 when heated
  • Has the most sealant of any heat-shrink offered
  • Economical single wall heat-shrink tube ideal for general purpose applications
Kit 506390 Includes:
  • 6” cuts of black dual wall heat-shrink tube, 1/8”-3/4” 
Kit 506391 Includes:
  • 6” cuts of black and red dual wall heat-shrink tube, 1/8”-3/4”

Kit 506591 Includes:

  • 6” cuts of black, red, blue, yellow, white, and green single wall heat-shrink tube, 1/8”-3/4”