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Battery vent caps are an important part of your wet cell battery system— these vents serve several functions to help maintain the longevity of your battery. The vents are also a safety mechanism that can help stop internal explosions.

Our battery vent caps will make the task of watering your batteries easy. Many of our models offer a vent cap design that opens easily and is designed to allow for a quick and efficient water transfer to the battery. We carry an array of battery vent caps to fulfill your needs, like the water miser battery vent cap with its array of great features. The water miser vent cap makes it simple to check and maintain your battery, thanks to its ergonomic design.

Another function of battery vent caps is that they reduce the loss of electrolytes in the cells, and help to retain water while the battery is in use. These easy to use caps are cost effective and will extend the life of your battery, plus they help cut down on watering maintenance. Check out our battery vent caps today. We have standard models, flip tops, Econ-o-flip and push-in models ready to ship to you for all of your battery maintenance needs.

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