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Forward Bin Dumper

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The Forward Bin Dumper (FBT1000-760) is a forklift attachment that converts an existing forklift into a portable bin dumper perfectly suited for cubic bins, pallet bins, or megabins. The FBT1000-760 provides fast-controlled, hydraulic dumping action and is designed for quick and easy fitting onto or removal from a forklift while the operator remains in the forklift seat. The Forward Bin Dumper is gentle on bins, extending bin life, and suitable for a wide range of solid or vented cubic bin sizes and types made from plastic or timber. The clear-view design does not obstruct vision of tines and the unique bin grab applies a firm grip on a bin when inverted.

The Forward Bin Dumper’s 135 degree forward rotation ensures completed emptying of bin. It has a minimal loss of forklift load capacity and does not affect the forklift’s capacity to handle pallets or stacked bins. The FBT1000-760 is equipped with a safety catch which prevents dumping if the bin is not positioned correctly on the tines. The robust construction, powder-coat finish, stainless steel pivot pins, and long-life, zero-maintenance pivot bearings provide a trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance for years to come.

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for a wide range of cubic bin sizes & types – plastic or timber, solid or vented
  • Standard unit suits bins from 43.3” to 47.2” (1100 to 1200 mm) front to rear
  • Safe working load capacity up to 2,205 lb (1000 kg)
  • Fits standard forklift tines up to 42.125” x 1.75” x 4.92” (1070 mm x 45 mm x 125 mm)
  • 135° forward rotation ensures complete emptying of bin
  • Operator does not leave forklift seat
  • Unique bin grab applies firm grip on bin when inverted
  • Robust construction for years of trouble-free operation
  • Powder coated finish
  • Stainless steel pivot pins
  • Long life, zero maintenance pivot bearings
  • Safety catch prevents dumping if bin is not correctly on tines
  • Total width across tines is 29.9” (760 mm)
  • Lost load (on 42.125” [1070 mm] tines) is 11.8” (300 mm)
  • Unit weight is 342 lb (155 kg)
  • Horizontal center of gravity is 23.6” (600 mm)
  • Vertical center of gravity is 3.54” (90 mm)
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