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Electrolyte Monitoring System




Easy to See and Use ·

Green light indicates electrolyte level is okay · Red light indicates water after next complete charge · Probe can be mounted in the center of the battery and the light placed where it is easy to see

Superior Design and Manufacturing · Very bright LED encased in polycarbonate housing for superior viewing · Low current draw will not drain the battery · Probe is made from lead so it will not harm the battery · Low profile reduces damage from battery cables as they move across the top of the battery · EPDM grommet ensures perfect seal between the probe and cell · No calibration necessary

Safest Sensor Available · Electronic housing is separate from the sensor probe · Multiple fuses eliminate the possibility of unrestricted current flow in any direction · Sensor is protected against transient voltages and incorrect polarity · Eliminates the need for battery room attendants to peer into vent wells to check electrolyte levels