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Deionizer System

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PS-300 HydroPure Deionizer

Maximize battery performance with pure water from the tap

Hard water in your home or warehouse drinking supply is usually perfectly fine for drinking. The minerals found in hard water — primarily calcium and magnesium carbonates — are not harmful to humans. In fact, they are beneficial.  But those same minerals are extremely harmful to industrial batteries and are a leading cause of poor battery performance. The minerals in hard water affect cell voltages and increases self-discharge.  The result?  Shortened battery run time and reduced battery life.

Does adding a water softener help? No — because water softeners introduce more sodium into the water. And contrary to what some believe, "city water" isn't good for batteries either, because the chlorine and fluoride that are added to municipal water supplies aren't good for batteries.  It is also important to know that these impurities are dissolved in the water and cannot be removed by conventional filters.

So — how do you ensure your batteries are receiving the quality water they need?

The old way to ensure pure water for batteries was to use distilled water. But distilling your own water is not practical. It's energy intensive and it's costly. Reverse osmosis is another method to purify water for batteries. But the process is slow — and reverse osmosis systems are expensive to install, operate and maintain.

The most cost-effective way to ensure water purity is to make your own pure water directly from the tap — through deionization. Deionized water is created by running water over two beds of magnetically charged materials that remove the minerals from the water. Deionized water is not as pure as distilled water, but it is perfectly suitable for watering your batteries — and it is far more affordable.

Philadelphia Scientific's Water Deionizer System reduces the high price of buying bottled water, distilling water or using reverse osmosis. And the system pays for itself through increased battery life and less frequent battery purchases.

Each disposable Deionizer cartridge purifies about 600 gallons (2,400 liters) of water based on average water quality. The system's purity light tells you exactly when the cartridge is used up. And our Deionizer is pressurized, so it can be used directly with our battery watering guns. It can also be used to fill up our water tanks and carts for use with a single point watering system such as our Water Injector System or Stealth Watering System.

The HydroPure Deionizer system comes with everything you need to make your own pure water, installation takes just minutes and replacing spent cartridges takes just seconds.

Why let impurities in your water reduce the life of your battery when this system is so easy to use and is so cost effective?

Cheap insurance for an expensive risk!

Our HydroPure Deionizer is the most cost effective way to produce on-site battery water.   Deionized water is produced for a fraction of what it costs to buy a gallon of distilled water and there is no transportation cost to bring the water to your location.   When compared to the cost of prematurely replacing a cell or a battery the HydroPure Deionizer System is easily cost justified.

Click here to learn more about our safety guidelines, regulations, resources and more.

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