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Copy of Single Point Watering

Large equipment often requires industrial-sized batteries that need timely maintenance to be effective. Whether it’s a forklift or golf cart battery, you can increase their longevity by ensuring they are properly maintained. Whether you are the person responsible for battery care or you have a staff to do the job, you most likely know that it can be a time-consuming task.

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The process of watering the batteries can be tedious, and if you have a lot of batteries to maintain, it can take up a large portion of the day. However, keeping the cells of industrial batteries filled with water is necessary for their continued use. Without sufficient water levels, your batteries won’t maintain an effective charge. It the batteries are allowed to go completely dry, they will cease to function entirely.

Filling each cell with water regularly requires the systematic process of removing each cap, filling it, and then checking the water levels. Over filling the cells can also cause damage to the battery, so it’s an important detail to pay attention to. There are also safety issues when it comes to filling the cells in this manner. Where there’s the chance of contact with the battery and its parts, then there’s an opportunity for injury from getting shocked or getting splashed with battery acid.

Single point watering systems can solve these issues. Our product line of watering systems makes it easy to keep all of your heavy-duty batteries watered and ready for use. The single point system works by removing the battery’s vent caps, then connecting it with special valves that are attached to the single point watering system. Just connect it to a water source and let the system do the rest. You won’t need to worry about water levels, thanks to the flow indicators. The automatic shut off valves stop the water flow once the correct levels have been reached.

If you’re looking for a way to save time and create a safe work environment, then talk to us about our efficient single point watering systems today.

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