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Automotive Battery Rack

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Whether you operate an auto repair or battery shop or you maintain a fleet of service or commercial vehicles, the BHS Automotive Battery Rack (BS-ABR-C) facilitates more workflow by providing safe and convenient storage for all of your automotive batteries. These battery storage racks are fully assembled and require little maintenance. You don't have to adjust the shelves, put anything together or tighten the bolts. The casters allow you to move it anywhere with ease. The easy-moving casters help you reduce wear and tear on your back, so you can work longer and more comfortably when you choose this automotive battery rack for your shop.

What Is an Automotive Battery Rack?

Battery racks provide storage for automotive batteries. These batteries are large and heavy. They shouldn't be stored on top of each other in case of a fluid leak. By storing them on a sturdy battery storage rack, you can easily access the automotive battery you need. A set of side rails prevents batteries from falling off the edge or back of a shelf.

Functions of the BHS Automotive Battery Rack (BS-ABR-C)

The BS-ABR-C battery racks offer several functions. You can slide them from one bay to another when working on vehicles. You can also use them for product presentation. They can be set up in a storefront where customers browse for batteries. The racks accommodate motorcycle, lawnmower, car and truck batteries from all manufacturers and in all capacities. These battery racks also serve as an easy way to rotate your stock of batteries. This prevents you from getting stuck with an old battery that is nearly drained or selling one like this to a longstanding customer.

Capacity of the Automotive Battery Rack

The BS-ABR-C has a capacity of up to 96 batteries. It offers a secure place to store every type of vehicle battery. These safe storage units are easy to use. Even if you have gloves on, you won't have a problem sliding a new battery off the rack or loading new stock onto the back of the rack. The weight capacity of 4,000 pounds means that you can store a lot of product on just one battery rack.

Key Features of Automotive Battery Racks

The BS-ABR-C has a full set of features that will make working in your shop more convenient, efficient and safe. The structural, welded steel frame is made to last, and it can withstand impacts, jostling and moving across uneven surfaces. A durable powder coat finish resists acid splashes, spraying water, automotive fluids and scratches. The rack easily fits easily under pallet racks, so you can save floor space and keep your work area clear of obstructions.

The design of the BS-ABR-C features inclined shelves, which improve your workflow processes and ensure stock rotation. The racks have four phenolic casters. These casters do not leave scuff marks on the floor. They rotate 360 degrees for easy maneuvering of the rack anywhere in your workspace. Once you have the battery rack where you want it, engage the locking floor brake. This prevents the unit from shifting or sliding on an uneven surface. If you choose to use one or more of these automotive battery racks for your display needs, it has a 2.25-inch face for pricing and labeling. This allows your customers to make informed decisions about which battery to choose.

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The BHS Automotive Battery Rack (BS-ABR-C) improves workflow by providing safe and convenient access to battery stock.

Each unit is fully assembled and virtually maintenance free, requiring no shelf adjustments or retightening of bolts upon arrival at your facility. Phenolic casters allow the rack to display almost anywhere and will not mark up floors. The clean design of the automotive battery storage rack allows for live product presentation while providing optimal space utilization.

With features like acid-resistant paint and robust locking floor brakes, the BS-ABR-C rack is designed for long-term durability in various applications. It can accommodate up to 96 batteries and secures every type of unit from lawnmower batteries to commercial batteries while allowing for easy removal.

BHS Automotive Battery Racks have a maximum capacity of 4,000 pounds (1814 kilograms) and are made with structural welded steel frame and shelves. Spring tension brakes keep your facility safe, and side rails protect your products. The unit fits easily under pallet racks, while its inclined shelves provide for convenient stock rotation.

Whether you require a mobile unit for product presentation or a durable storage rack to improve workflow, the BS-ABR-C Automotive Battery Rack offers an excellent return on investment.

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