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When you need to maintain water levels in your golf car batteries properly, it's time for the Flow-Rite Pro-Fill Battery Watering System. The device is not only super-convenient, but it also provides users with an accurate and time saving way to fill up and properly maintain the battery's water levels.

It's even simple to perform maintenance on hard-to-reach batteries using a workbench. You can fill several cells at the same time from a remote position. During the process, you won't have to worry about hand contact from touching the battery or removing the cap. The ability to fill up more than one at a time is a labor and time saving lifesaver.

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Pro-Fill's automatic control valves ensure each cell closes when reaching the precise level. That will save you time and ensure perfect results. There's no more second-guessing with this precision instrument.

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There are many crucial benefits to using this system, including the following:

  • There's no more need to remove the vent covers when filling.
  • Installation takes only minutes and does not require tools.
  • Safer and more accurate than conventional filling.
  • The process goes a long way towards improving the life and performance of the batteries.
  • It's okay to connect several batteries and fill them simultaneously.
  • The device uses automatic shut-offs to prevent the possibility of under- or over-watering.
  • There's no reason to get too fancy; you can use any distilled water container to finish the job thoroughly.

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Battery watering is straightforward when you choose the best tool for the job. A Pro-Fill with Millennium tubing and an O-ring will make your task much more manageable. Save time and do professional work quickly with a Flow-Rite and Pro-Fill Battery Watering System.

We have all the necessary parts for trouble-free maintenance for your system. Our company, powRparts.com, has been operating since 1993 and is now a vital distributor for the products of nearly every major manufacturer. Quickly meet your motive power needs while staying compliant with OHSA regulations.

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Take what might be a tedious and potentially nonprofitable task and streamline the process. Flow-Rite is an industry leader for excellent reasons. The safe operation of equipment is always vital. If you have any questions about any of our products, contact us for more information.

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