Flow-Rite Golf Cart Battery Watering System

If you’re in charge of providing golf cart maintenance, then you know the importance of maintaining a battery through regular use. The most important part of golf cart battery maintenance is to keep the battery cells filled with water. If you don’t, and the levels are consistently low or dry, then the battery will become corroded.

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Once that happens, you’ll no longer be able to charge the battery, or the battery will short out for good. Keeping the cells filled with the right amount of water will increase the battery life, and the golf cart will run more efficiently.

The problem with this necessary maintenance task is that it’s very time-consuming. It can take time to refill each cell in the battery due to the nature of working with hazardous materials. If you work too quickly, then you risk getting battery acid on your clothing or in the workspace. The process of removing the battery’s cell cap, refilling it to the exact level and closing it back up is certainly a time-consuming job.

There is a way to maintain the battery more efficiently than ever with our high-quality battery watering system. Our product offers a single point of entry that fills all of the battery cells with water. There’s no need to worry about removing cell caps or getting dangerous chemicals on yourself. Once connected, the battery watering system quickly and safely replaces the water levels in minutes. We carry a variety of battery watering systems for your golf cart maintenance needs, in order to prolong the life of your battery as much as possible.

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