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PW-1800 Water Deionizer



To protect your equipment and extend the life of your batteries, the deionizer kit from Battery Watering Technologies can easily and inexpensively remove harmful impurities from the water. Dissolved impurities in standard tap water will degrade batteries and decrease battery life and performance. The system is easy to use and is cost effective.

Easy Installation – Simply attach the bracket to a wall with four bolts. Connect the input hose to your water supply. Install the purity light and insert the probe into the fitting on top of the housing. Mount the display on the back of the mounting bracket.

Purity Light – Push the test button to monitor the water output and determine when the cartridge needs to be replaced. ”Good” indicates cartridge does not need to be replaced. “Service” indicates cartridge replacement is needed.



Input TDS (PPM)

Cartridge Capacity


Cartridge Capacity


100 604 2286
150 402 1522
200 302 1143
250 241 912
300 201 761

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