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Flex Connectors, Ecco Lights, and More! New Products Now on

Flex Connectors, Ecco Lights, and More! New Products Now on

New Products Announcement!

We recently expanded our product catalog to include new items crucial to material handling functionality. PowRparts continues adding products to help build a more robust catalog covering all warehouse areas. As e-commerce becomes increasingly prevalent in manufacturing, we strive to be the premier online store for motive power, reserve power, and warehouse equipment/safety.

Interested in what we added to our catalog? Keep Reading to find out!


Flex Connectors and Bolts 

Flex connectors are designed to work with Flex and NexSys Thin Plate Pure Lead Acid batteries (TPPL). These batteries are designed with completely sealed technology, making them great low-maintenance options.  Each full battery is made up of individual blocks connected in parallel using the flex connectors. When a battery is damaged, these connectors can be easily swapped out with broken parts. We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate all battery layouts. In addition to the new connectors, we also provide replacement blocs and bolt heads.

Flex Battery NexSys Battery Connector  



End Take Off

Every industrial and golf cart battery needs a set of cables to power the equipment and to charge. TPPL Batteries are no different. End take-offs work as the battery cable on a NexSys or Flex battery. We offer positive and negative cables in two sizes to work with the design of your equipment. Battery cables have a habit of being crushed or ripped inside equipment. Once they are damaged to the point of not operating, an entire forklift or Utility vehicle goes down until the cable is replaced. Because of this, we stock these in our Memphis warehouse to ensure fast delivery and minimize your downtime.

 Flex and NexSys End Take Off

Forklift and Electric Vehicle lights

The average forklift weighs approximately 9,000 lbs. The average Utility Vehicle weighs between 1,200 and 1,000 lbs. That is a lot of weight to be zipping through a busy warehouse trying to move products. That is why the safety of the drivers and employees walking around the warehouse is critical. Our new line of ECCO Beacon and Pedestrian lights comes in here. Each light is designed specifically for electric vehicles to ensure the safety of those around them. These bright, highly visible lights can be seen throughout the warehouse, telling others of an approaching truck or UTV.

Ecco Forklift Light Pedestrian Light


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