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Top 5 Battery Parts and Accessories Picks

Top 5 Battery Parts and Accessories Picks


At powRparts, we are grateful to be able to offer an extensive collection of products to serve our customers. However, if you are new to the industry or just becoming familiar with some of these parts, we understand it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what to order. To help, we created a list of our five favorite industrial and golf cart-style battery products. Did we miss any favorite parts? Let us know what and why they are your favorite!

Single-point watering systems

Maintaining a battery can be a lot of work, whether for a forklift or golf cart. One of the essential maintenance pieces is ensuring the battery is adequately watered. Our number one recommendation for battery care is a Single-point watering system. Single-point watering systems (SPWS) offer the perfect solution to traditional ways of watering batteries. Rather than adding water manually to each cell, SPWS efficiently supplies each compartment with water in approximately a minute. SPWS also significantly eliminates the opportunity to overwater or underwater a battery. Each system is designed to accurately fill the cells with the correct amount of water needed at the time of use. These systems help to reduce the time and stress of watering batteries. Single-point watering systems are available for both industrial and golf cart-style batteries.

                                 Forklift Battery Watering System

Battery Water Deionizers

Much like us, batteries do not care for dirty water. However, there is a distinct difference between water that is safe for us to drink and water that is okay to put into a battery. Though the water from your facility’s tap may be OK for your team to consume, that does not necessarily mean it is great for your fleet. Water supply can contain substances called total dissolved solids (TDS). These can be measured by using a TDS meter. We recommend adding a deionizer if the water supply has over 100 parts per million of total dissolved solids. This will eliminate the harmful substances within the water supply and aid in battery life longevity. Please note that deionized water is not safe for human consumption.

                        deionized water system

Blinky lights

Blinky lights, also known as electrolyte sensors, are a great guide to help teams know when it is time to water their batteries. Blinky lights are inserted into an individual cell of a battery and measure the water within the cell. Once the water is low enough, the light will switch from a green light to red or turn off completely. This will indicate the need to add water to the battery. However, because these sensors are only in one battery cell (we do not recommend more than one per battery), it is best to use these as a guide or backup.  We still recommend keeping a watering schedule and always charge before watering!  Sensors are generally available with a light on top of the battery. They also have options for remote lights that can be placed outside of trucks or other equipment, allowing operators to identify what batteries need to be watered easily. Blinky lights are also an excellent tool for golf cart fleets or individual golf carts as a reminder to water.

                                 Blinky Light Batter Sensor


Battery Lifting Straps and Lifting Beams

Safety is number one when working with industrial batteries. Lifting straps and beams make it much easier to move a battery without putting your team or equipment in danger. Even if your fleet is opportunity charged, keeping a lifting strap onsite for when you may be replacing batteries or extracting them for work can still be beneficial. 

                   Lifting Strap for Forklift Battery


Industrial Battery Cleaners

Keeping equipment clean from corrosion, dust, and dirt is often overlooked but is an essential part of battery maintenance. Battery corrosion, if built up on the battery, can cause significant damage. Corrosion contains sulfuric acid from within the cell that will begin to eat away at the battery casing, terminals, and intercell connectors. If built up enough, it can also affect the battery’s current and cause improper charging. Overall, if left unattended, battery corrosion will begin to affect the battery’s run time and is also dangerous for operators to encounter. The battery cleaners we carry help clean the top of the battery and casing and detect and neutralize any acid that could be harmful to your team. A color-changing substance within the solution will identify areas of the battery that may have had an acid spill.
Please ensure anyone using the cleaning solutions always has proper PPE on!  These battery cleaners are great to keep on hand for routine maintenance or any unexpected spills.

                    battery terminal cleaner



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