No Polarity Chargers

No Polarity Chargers


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Can be connected to batteries without regards to positive or negative

The No Polarity's can be connected to batteries without regard to positive or negative. The clamps are the same color and there is no polarity identification. The circuit automatically turns on the right set of rectifiers and brings batteries to a full charge condition. In addition, they are current limited which protects the whole charger from starting overloads. The No polarity's are float chargers with a limit of 2.3 volts per cell @ 70 degrees F. The voltage is adjusted automatically with changes in ambient temperature. This maximizes battery life, preventing gassing in hot atmospheres. Energy efficient, the No Polarity's can save as much as 25% over ferroresonant chargers. The No Polarity's are backed with our 3 year warranty.

Battery Capacity 10 amp models: 80-180 ah @20 hr rate
Battery Capacity 25 amp models: 150-350 ah @ 2- hr rate

Charge Profile:
Float: Regulates the battery voltage at 2.3 vpc. Best for starting batteries and gel's.