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EZ-Reach Battery Watering Gun



When it comes to reducing maintenance on today's larger format batteries, Water Rite's EZ-Reach battery watering gun has you covered. The fact that most watering guns available are only about 1/3 as long as they should be is fairly commonly known with battery maintenance personnel.

The only battery watering gun available in the industry to address one of the major shortcomings of other existing watering guns. Introducing Water Rite's EZ-Reach Extended Watering Guns. The added length helps to alleviate the constant back and forth movement associated with shorter battery watering guns. This basically allows the individual to stay in one place to reach not only the battery cells in front of them but those on the other side of the battery. This is particularly useful in motive power applications or in larger battery banks where access to the battery is needed from different sides and angles. Each EZ-Reach Battery watering gun comes equipped with our patented Posi-Stop Shut-off Indicator. When the battery has reached the desired level, the Posi-Stop Indicator lets you know both with an audible click and a stopping action you feel in the handle.

Less movement and faster filling make the EZ-Reach the clear choice to reduce the time and effort associated with your battery maintenance routine. 

The EZ-Reach has a 25" nozzle length and a 45 degree nozzle bend.