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6-Cell Stealth Barbed Watering System



The Stealth Barbed Watering System is a float-based, single-point watering system that precisely fills all battery cells to the same level simultaneously. The Stealth Barbed Watering System has the same standard body type as our push-fit designed fitting but now comes with an easy to install barbed fitting. The Stealth Barbed Watering System was designed to give those using it an easy to install and easy to repair system with clamp-less barbed fittings which the industrial tubing slides over.

The Stealth Barbed Watering System is equipped with industry standard, robust black neoprene rubber tubing, allowing the watering string to be virtually unseen on top of a battery. These features make the Stealth Watering System:

  • Easy to fit and even swap out valves.
  • Ideal for low profile batteries.
  • Durable design.

Each of the components can be used in conjunction with any other system available on the market place, giving you endless flexibility.