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12-Cell BWT Single Point Watering System



The BWT system is designed to precisely water lead industrial batteries every time a water connection is made.

The BWT plug removes hydrogen gasses through the development of the double chamber and shuts off incoming water flow by the action of the patented lever arm.

No gimmicks, no possibility of over watering. Accept no substitute!

Key Benefits:

  • New Lower Profile!!
  • Patented lever arm to shut off water flow.
  • Double chamber to separate water and gas movements.
  • Float system allows for water levels to be set for each battery type.
  • Electrolyte level indicator built into the plug.
  • Hydrometer check point built into the plug.
  • The BWT plug never has to be removed to perform maintenance.
  • Works with a variety of pressures.
  • The BWT System also fits some golf car batteries and lite industrial equipment.
* All systems shipped with a blue connector unless noted in the customer notes section.