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Standard On Board Battery Charger


Battery charger for tight applications where space is limited – Choose Charge Method and Voltage / Output Below: Price will change accordingly..

Small and compact 110 Volt AC battery charger for slim type scissor lifts, golf carts, etc. where space is limited. Charger is totally enclosed to resist effects of water, dirt, and harsh environment. Charger is very energy efficient and can save as much as 25% over ferroresonant chargers. All chargers come with 3 prong plug, AC cord, and color coded DC leads with 3/8 ring terminals standard. Light is steady when charging, dims and blinks when charged. 3 years warranty. Choose one of four charge profiles.

1) OBE (Float) Battery is brought up to 2.3 volts per cell and maintained. (Ideal for gel batteries)

2) OBET (Gas & Shut off) Battery is brought up to the float voltage which triggers a 3 hour timer. Battery is allowed to gas to a maximum of 2.6 volts per cell before shutoff. (For standard Deep cycle lead acid batteries).

3) OBAE (Gas & Float) After gassing, battery is dropped into a low float mode of 2.26 volts per cell. (Ideal for batteries used infrequently)

4) OBAGM (AGM) Batteries bulk charge to 2.3 volts per cell, and enter absorption cycle where voltage is allowed to climb to a maximum 2.45 volts per cell before dropping into indefinite float of 2.26 volts per cell.
Sizes vary but most are close to 6" X 9" X 9"

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